Self Storage facilities are the experts on boxes. They are professionals that will understand your storing needs when it comes to boxes of all shapes and sizes. They offer competitive prices on good quality boxes that will stand the test of time, won’t fall apart and will withstand freight overseas or storage for years to come. Most even offer cash back if you return boxes in good condition, when you no longer need them.

Self Storage facilities are also a great place to stock up on your packaging requirements as they are equipped with merchandising stands stocked with tape guns, foam, ties & ratchets, bubble wrap, furniture covers and markers for labelling. You want it – they’ve got it!

Self Storage staff are trained to not only provide self storage to you but also to be problem solvers and moving professionals to provide advice and solutions to anyone moving house or in need of boxes. Most Self Storage facilities also offer free trailers for move in customers, advice on goods insurance and tips on packing.

Did you know? You can buy boxes of any description… We cater for carry boxes with handles, bicycle boxes, plasma or LCD TV’s, wine boxes, air freight boxes and your everyday archive box with lid.