• Self storage is a safe place to store valuables or collections.
  • Self storage is a great place for seasonal equipment and decorations.
  • Self storage is the perfect place to store valuables when you are away form home.

Space Sharing vs. Self Storage

While it might be tempting to store your personal belongings with someone in your local area, we thought it might be useful for you to know the difference between space sharing (or Airbnb for storage) and what self storage with a Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) member has to offer to you.

What are the main differences?

Space Sharing

Self Storage with a SSAA member

Individual storage units

Wide variety of unit sizes & types

Professional grade security features, such as electrical fencing, CCTV camera, personal PIN code.

A unique lock & key to each storage unit

Total privacy as to what you store

Direct access units for easy loading & unloading

Free use of trolleys

Ventilated storage

Flexible rental period without minimum stay

Flexibility to move in any time you want

Free change of unit size

Secure and convenient online payment system

Experienced staff on site

Professional advice & tips

Free private parking


Self storage offers privacy, flexibility, security and convenience.